Quick Wear: I Have a Heroine Aura – TOC

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Hello Otakus!

Here it is- my 2nd novel translation! I’ve made the realization that novel translation, even if I’m using primarily MTL, is quite tiring. So it’s likely my arc every 4 weeks schedule turns into something closer to arc every 6-7 weeks, especially after my holiday ends and I go back to work. But, no matter how hard it is, I’m super happy to share this novel with you- it’s one of my favorites.

Read on to find out why!

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I Have a Heroine Aura (original novel)


Length: 148 chapters (translated length: ~148 chapters)

Synopsis: Jiang Nian was grabbed by the main god of the system and shuttled through the three thousand small worlds to recover the aura lost by the heroine and save the original world from collapsing. Jiang Nian is a qualified tasker. She is diligent and hard working, and yet every task will always have the same problem. No matter how hard she tries, the heroine aura stays at 60 points. …… Must I really take 5 million from the male lead’s mother…… Do I really need to run with the ball? … Am I really going to have to be misunderstood as a gold worshiper who abandons the poor boy? … Is it time for me to cure my terminal illness?

Table of Contents:

Arc 1: Give You Five Million

C1           C2           C3           C4          C5           C6           C7           C8           C9           C10 

C11         C12           C13           C14            C15           C16            C17           C18.1            C18.2


Arc 2: Wife Running with the Ball

C20        C21           C22           C23           C24          C25           C26           C27           C28          C29            C30        C11          C32           C33           C34            C35           C36            C37          

Arc 3: Big Star’s Little Lover

C38        C39           C40           C41           C42          C43           C44           C45           C46          C47           C48        C49          C50           C51           C52            C53           C54            C55          C56        C57           C58           C59

Arc 4: Desperate Love of a Broken City

C60          C61            C62        C63           C64             C65          C66          C67          C68          C69          C70          C71          C72          C73          C74          C75          C76          C77          C78          C79          C80          C81          C82

Arc 5: Doomsday Counterattack (Xtra Whipped Cream Translations)


Let me know your thoughts on the novel!


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