I Have a Heroine Aura – Chapter 82

Desperate Love of a Broken City 23

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On the evening of September 26, the awarding ceremony of the Mao Dun Literature Award was held at the Imperial Capital’s Museum of Modern Literature.

This day was a feast for the literary world.

Jiang Nian put on a long black dress and Huo Ling also wore a suit of the same color.

He leaned on crutches in one hand and embraced his wife with the other and said, “Are you nervous?”

Jiang Nian leaned on his shoulders: “Not nervous.”


“Yes. After all, I’m still so young. I can prove that I am a great genius. Anyone who wins the prize is fine.”


This was really irrefutable.

He rubbed Jiang Nian’s head helplessly and smiled: “What do you want to do after the completion of Great Song?”

Jiang Nian shook her head: “I haven’t thought about it for a while, and I’ll wait and take a look at it later.

Huo Ling agreed.

When Huo Ling and Jiang Nian went out, Mrs. Zhang and Father Huo took them to the door laughing happily, saying that it was good to win the prize, and it was nothing if they could not win the prize. They told Jiang Nian not to be nervous or put any pressure on herself.

Of course, Jiang Nian was the one who was most relaxed. She was already a genius anyway.

Mrs. Zhang watched Huo Ling and Jiang Nian leave in the car and couldn’t help but turn to her husband.

“You said, shall we talk to Huo Ling first, to see if he and Jiang Nian want to go abroad to find a surrogate, or to adopt a child? In the future, we are all old and there is no child around them, how lonely is that? What’s more, when people get older, there are so many places where help is needed. Huo Ling and Niannian can’t be left to take care of themselves? ”

Father Huo pondered: “Huo Ling should have a plan? ”

Mrs. Zhang sighed, reluctantly saying:” I just see that Huo Ling is thirty-four, and it is time to think about it. Anyway, we’ll just mention it- the specifics is up to them.”

Mrs. Zhang liked Jiang Nian very much. She thought that Jiang Nian was clever but simple and had a rare heart of a child. After a few years, she really felt that Jiang Nian was her own daughter rather than daughter-in-law. Considering Jiang Nian’s physical condition, the doctor said it was better not to have children. Although she had some regrets, she was not unacceptable, and she did not embarrass Jiang Nian. When Huo Ling was unconscious, even though the doctor said that he had little chance of waking up, that Jiang Nian could still insist on marrying Huo Ling has always moved her. If she were in that situation, she did not know whether she would have made that decision.

Because of this, she wanted to think for them long-term. Not to mention that the two of them were not too young, there were so many days to worry about, and she naturally wanted to arrange everything for her little son before leaving so that she could rest assured.

Huo Ling accompanied Jiang Nian to the awards ceremony. He looked at his beautiful little wife and only felt warm in his heart.

In the past few years, Jiang Nian’s health had improved a lot. Although there would be some minor pains and minor illnesses, in the end, there were no dangers. Wang Lao said that, as long as she was taken care of, she could still stay with him for a long time. So Huo Ling did not dare to be sloppy when it came to Jiang Nian’s body.

He didn’t want anything. He just hoped to grow old together with Jiang Nian. Then he would die without regret.

In fact, after careful calculation, he and Jiang Nian had known each other for twelve years. They were friends for four years, dated for four years, and were married for four years. They had traveled through countless springs, summers, autumns, and winters, and had experienced the wind and rain together1. For countless futures, Huo Ling wanted to accompany and witness every important moment in Jiang Nian’s life.

Just like now, as he watched her walk up to the podium.

As the youngest winner of the Mao Dun Literature Award, Jiang Nian was dazzling at the moment. Her talents had amazed countless people, and no one could compete with them!

She stood on the podium, and her calm and confident appearance would make him remember for a lifetime.

On this day, Jiang Nian’s parents and grandparents watching the telecast in front of the TV were naturally so excited that they burst into tears, especially when Jiang Nian really walked on the podium, the Jiang family laughed and jumped while cheering.

Mother Jiang wiped her tears and said, “Look, this is my daughter!”

Grandma Jiang exposed her golden dentures and said, “It’s my granddaughter! It’s my granddaughter!”

Dad Jiang and Grandpa Jiang are more subtle and stubbornly arrogant, telling the others to calm down, this was just normal good news! But they couldn’t help smiling and became big fools.

It was just that when Jiang Nian gave her acceptance speech, they were all quiet.

“Thank you for the affirmation of Great Song by the organizing committee and 62 judges. Thank you for your recognition. I will continue to work hard in the future. Actually……I know that today is a literary feast, but I especially want to take this opportunity to thank my family. I want to thank my grandfather. Since childhood, he took me to play on the field, let me have a carefree childhood; I want to thank my grandma, thank her for worrying about me and treating me well; I want to thank my mother who, because I am not in good health, cares about me day and night and takes care of me. I want to tell her that she worked hard. I have grown up so she can rest assured. I love you, mother. And my father, who is standing tall, is the towering tree of our family, and has shielded me from countless winds and rains, and made me so happy from an early age. Father, you’ve worked hard; I love you. My younger brother, and the rest of my four grand front and back law protectors Huo Ping, Xiao Yi and Lihai; because of you to protect me, I will feel at ease every time I go out. Thank my mother-in-law and father-in-law for worrying about whether my body is good or not every day. It’s been hard for you……Finally, I would also like to thank my husband who married me knowing he’d have a lot of trouble. Marrying you is my happiest thing, baby; thank you for loving me so much……My award belongs to everyone who loves me and everyone I love.”

The camera turned to Huo Ling sitting under the stage. He had a deep eyebrow, and looked at Jiang Nian from afar, determined and persistent.

Mother Jiang and Grandma Jiang couldn’t hold back anymore and, when they heard Jiang Nian’s words, they couldn’t bear it anymore and cried with their eyes covered. Grandpa and Father Jiang were originally able to hold back, but now the tears shed. Father Jiang turned back quietly, wiped the tears secretly and said, “What are you crying, don’t cry, this is a happy event. Don’t cry on such a good day!”

“Why don’t you not cry if you have the ability!”

“…I didn’t cry, I’m happy. We are so happy, I’m laughing!”

But that night, according to a neighbor who passed by the Jiang family, he could hear vague crying even when he’d walked far away. There were sobs from both men and women, endless, that did not disappear for a long time. After that, the neighbors started to go around their house.

Huo Ping, Chen Yi, and Xu Lihai, who were far away from the Imperial Capital, also saw this live broadcast. They were all very good in the beginning of the speech. When they were mentioned, why did she need to add ‘four grand front and back law protectors’???

Mrs. Zhang also watched the live broadcast. For a time, she was full of emotions. She rubbed her eyes and said that God didn’t open his eyes. Why did such a good girl suffer so much from childhood?

Of course, the host did not forget to ask the question the majority of netizens wanted most: “We are very curious, there is a question I want to ask you: I heard that you are the author of Learning Advance, ‘My big baby’?

Jiang Nian was somewhat taken aback, saying, “I wrote the novel whenever I would encounter a problem writing Great Song. Because I am too busy, the updating has been unstable, but the story itself is in high school, so I would sometimes write some learning content, and by the way, wrote my guess about the college entrance examination questions. 2 Everything is just a coincidence.”

The majority of netizens were shocked. The person they hailed as ‘The God of Learning’ and privately referred to as ‘Great God Baby’, the original intention of writing this novel was just because of the bottleneck encountered while writing Great Song??? And Great Song also won the Mao Dun Literature Award? That was the highest honor of the China Literature Award, and its value was far above an online God!

For a time, both learning gods and learning scum shivered!3

【I’m not a scumbag】: “I finally saw what a real God of learning is today! Hurry up and get out of my way. Don’t stop me, I’m going to worship the god! I hope that the god of learning can bless me with good results!”

【The girl’s heart of the old man】: “I have seen Great Song before. From the content, I can see that the author’s professional knowledge is very strong. It can be seen that she has read many history books, but it’s only now that I know the author started writing this book at the age of nineteen. I am still playing games in my bedroom at the age of nineteen, but Jiang Nian has actually planned to write a book. And, whether it is the first or fifth part, you can see the author’s professional knowledge and level. I heard that her body is still very bad? If nothing else, I really admire Jiang Nian!”

【Lemon half stars】: “Don’t know if there is anyone who remembers Jiang Nian in the high school and college entrance exams? I did not expect that, when I hear news of her again, she has already won the Mao Dun, an even higher achievement?!”

【Independence Horned beast】: “Jiang Nian is my college senpai. I was fortunate to have listened to her lecture, and I felt that I had benefited a lot from it. I admired her not only for her talents but also for her efforts. By the way, I also met Jiang Nian’s husband Huo Ling. They said that he used to be a soldier and, because he was injured in a mission, he almost became a vegetable. I heard that Jiang Nian insisted on marrying him. Huo Ling woke up during the wedding…”

【Wind】: “…So My Big Baby’s big baby is Huo Ling?????

……………Uh, well, this seems to be true?!

On this day, Jiang Nian’s deeds would surely be excavated. In addition to her life experience, naturally there was the love story between her and her husband Huo Ling, their acquaintance and love, even the two months when Huo Ling was in a coma, and the little wedding full of surprises. Everything was talked about, which caused countless envy for a time.


Jiang Nian and Huo Ling adopted two abandoned orphans, the brother named Huo Jin and the sister named Huo Xin.

Huo Ling’s discipline of the two children was extremely strict. The two children knew that they were in trouble and wanted to find their mother since their childhood, and father was the king! But, no matter how serious Dad was, as soon as he met mom, he would be gentle and soft.

They had known since childhood that their father’s favorite was their mother.

When they were young, it seemed to them that her mother was gentle and beautiful. She was simply a savior, and her father was particularly fierce, like a king.

After growing up, their mother was even more gentle, and their father was even more fierce.

Of course, whether it was the gentle mother or the fierce dad, they loved both very much. When they learned at 18 years old that they were not children of their parents and there was no blood relationship between them, Huo Xin cried for a long time, and Huo Jin was also lost for a long time.

But mother said that she took them home, then she was their mother. What did it matter if there was no blood relationship?

Yes, even if there was no blood relationship, Jiang Nian and Huo Ling were still their relatives; no one could change that.

Thinking like this, the world suddenly became brighter again.

Huo Ling was too harsh on the children, and Jiang Nian couldn’t help but say to him, “Why are you so fierce, children, tell them slowly. Xiao Jin and Xiao Xin have always regarded us as their biological parents. You suddenly said we’re not, they will not accept it.”

Huo Ling was not small anymore. He stroked a few white hairs emerging from the top of his wife’s hair and bowed his head to kiss: “Okay, I will be more patient.”

Jiang Nian laughed: “You promise well and turn around and forget. They all say that strict father then a kind mother, and kind mother then a strict father; really true!”

Huo Ling smiled. He just hoped that the children would grow up faster and more sensible. Where there was so much time to teach them slowly?

Jiang Nian and Huo Ling walked hand in hand by the small river. The setting sun fell, the dim yellow warmth, the holding hands shook: “Baby, I want to write another book.”

Huo Ling said: “Hmm? What to write?”

Jiang Nian took his hand and kissed: “Of course I write and mine and my big baby’s thrilling love story that rocked heaven and earth it!”



Jiang Nian’s soul returned to the main god system of Jinjiang after death.

She wrote another historical novel after the Great Song. Her achievements in this live were equally impressive as the lives before. She was known as a writer and historian. She sold tens of millions of books alone and had many readers. And her last book, “Baby”, which described her and Huo Ling’s love story, also gained a lot of tears.

After she died, all her life’s proceeds were donated to help poor students study, and she also built schools and libraries.

Jiang Nian’s life was already complete.

Liu Yingying was different. She was suspended from school for investigation because of her bad plotting. After returning to school, because she was suspended for a long time, she faced the alienation of classmates and strange eyes and discussions. Not to mention, the people she knew were about to graduate while she was forced to repeat. Eventually, she found a middle school in her town to teach Chinese. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. Qi Bin, who had been imprisoned for a year and a half, found her.

At this point, Qi Bin had been entangled with Liu Yingying, and would always appear when she had a boyfriend to stir things up and cause her boyfriend to break up with her. He entangled her like a vengeful ghost, making Liu Yingying miserable, “The person who harmed you and accused you is Jiang Nian. You should seek revenge from Jiang Nian. Why do you want me?”

“It’s you. If it’s not you who told me to go, if it’s not you who hinted that I had some relationship with Jiang Nian, how could I become what I am today?”

Two people with resentment tortured each other.

Liu Yingying also knew that Jiang Nian was protected well by her husband and family. Plus, she also won the Mao Dun Literature Award. She was a genius that everyone admired. How could Qi Bin have the opportunity to approach Jiang Nian? What’s more, her uncle’s family also moved to the Imperial Capital not long after Jiang Nian married. Normally, her mother and uncle had fewer contacts. If it weren’t for her grandfather and grandmother, she was afraid that the communication would be cut off.

The relationship between the two of them had been separated since the injury. One intentionally alienated and the other tried to repair the relationship.

Liu Yingying never married in her life. Qi Bin had been entangled with her for life. Every time he saw that her life was better, he would come out and let her fall into the bottom again. Her parents had broken their hearts for her, and, even when they died, still wanted to ask for the understanding of her uncle’s family, hoping to be reconciled as before. Unfortunately, they didn’t get it in the end…

Until she was dying, Liu Yingying finally started to feel the regret. She regretted it; she really regretted it!

Actually, if you think about it carefully, she and Jiang Nian had no grievances, and her relationship with the Jiang family was also very good. Her aunt and uncle treated her well, grandfather and grandmother would secretly cram her money, and her cousins trusted her……She was fascinated by ghosts4, and then because of jealousy and unwillingness treated Jiang Nian as an enemy!

If you gave her another chance, she would never be attached to harming Jiang Nian and Huo Ling. She would study hard, be filial to her parents, and live her life well.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret now.

“Congratulations to the host for completing the mission and returning to the main god world. Congratulations to the host for completing the first phase of the mission assessment. The system is about to be upgraded. Please wait patiently.”

As the words of 867 just fell, Jiang Nian only felt that there was only herself left around her. The system stores that are intrigued her were gone.

Since she had to wait, Jiang Nian fell asleep. It was unknown how long had passed when she was woken up again by the electronic sound of 867.

“The Jinjiang Lord God System was successfully upgraded.”

“Congratulations to the host for completing the first phase of the task assessment and earning 10,000 points.”

Jiang Nian’s originally troubled spirit was shocked, and the whole person was awake. 10,000 points? She immediately checked and, sure enough, she saw 10,000 points lying quietly on the system interface. But her previous points seemed to be cleared, and now there were only 10,000 points left.

Not only that, she found that the rebirth points actually changed from 100 million to 10 million!

The system store also seemed to be upgraded. In the past, there were only some small medicines like strength pills and some cheat props that she didn’t need. Now there was a “storage bracelet” that was very interesting to Jiang Nian. The storage areas offered were ten cubic meters and one hundred cubic meters, for one hundred and one thousand points, respectively. There was also a set of boxing exercises called “Star Boxing” which required one hundred points, and a black machete and a wooden stick that required one hundred points each.

When Jiang Nian watched these, by the way, she spent nine hundred points and drew three star fruits. When the star fruits were eaten, she really felt that her soul had condensed a lot.

“867, can this rebirth point continue to be reduced?”

“Yes, this is a mental assessment. The rebirth point will change with the upgrade of Jinjiang’s main god system.”

………Jiang Nian was a little thankful that she had a big heart. Otherwise, what if she was intimidated by the 100 million points?

“867, what is the next world?”


1. ‘Wind and rain’ = difficult situations of life ^

2. Don’t forget that ‘by the way’ in these translations means something like ‘while I was doing that, I real quick…blah blah blah’ ^

3. If learning gods are people who do really well in school/studying, then learning scum are their counterparts…the people who are at the top of the exam list when you recite it backwards, so to speak. ^

4. Inexplicably obsessed ^

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